Aged Dragons

Suzuki Shōnen 鈴木松年 (Japanese, 1848-1918)

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The title likens these pine trees to ancient dragons. The age of the pines is expressed through their thick, mossy trunks and their huge size, which the artist emphasized by cutting off their tops and bottoms to fit them into the picture frame. The golden background creates a dazzling decorative effect that simultaneously doubles as a glowing sky. The artist has used varying hues of ink to depict the manifold aspects of a pine, from the rough bark of its trunk and branches to the pine cones and needles-a masterful display of skill and energy.

Dealer's auction in Kyoto, Japan; (Tessaido Co., Ltd., Kyoto); John and Cynde Barnes, Indianapolis in 2008; given to the Indianapolis Museum of Art in 2008 (TR10682a-b).

Object Information

Suzuki Shōnen 鈴木松年 (Japanese, 1848-1918)
creation date
about 1900
ink and light color on gold leaf over paper
67-1/2 x 97-1/2 in. (overall)
outer panels: W: 25-1/4 in. (each)
inner panels: W: 24-3/8 in. (each)
mark descriptions
Signed: Roryukan Shonen Senshi hitsu ?????? (Japanese characters) Aged Dragon's Palace, the Hermit Shonen
2 square intaglio seals on each screen:
Seal: [Suzuki Seiken] ????? (Japanese characters)
Seal: [Shonen Senshi] ??? (Japanese characters)
accession number
credit line
Gift of John and Cynde Barnes
Public Domain
Asian Art

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