Boy Blowing Bubbles

Follower of Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (Spanish, 1618-1682)

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Possibly Duke of Wellington (Arthur Wellesley) [1769-1852], Apsley House, London.{1} (Galerie Fischer, Lucerne) by 1927; {2} Mrs. Marshall Field (Delia Caton Field) [1859-1937], Chicago, Illinois and Washington, D.C., in 1927; by inheritance to Mrs. Albert J. Beveridge (Catherine Eddy Beveridge), Washington, D.C., Indianapolis, Indiana by 1938: {3} given to the John Herron Art Institute, now the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields, in 1938.

{1} In correspondence with museum director Wilbur Peat in about 1938 (letter dated only 20 December), Catherine Beveridge states that the painting was once in the Duke of Wellington's collection. A printed label on the reverse of the painting reads "Murillo, 92 - A Boy Blowing Bubbles - Bought in Gibraltar" with a handwritten "W" in the top right corner. If the painting was actually at one time in Gibraltar, a British military territory, it is possible that the Duke of Wellington acquired it during his military campaigns in Spain around 1814.
{2} A marking on the reverse reads "Galerie Fischer Luzern". In the above quoted correspondence between Peat and Beveridge,the later states that the painting was bought from the dealer Theodor Fischer on 19 August 1927 (see IMA Historical file for another Beveridge gift, 38.7). Although it is known that this gallery held auctions of looted paintings during the WWII-era, this painting was purchased before 1932.
{3} Beveridge was the niece of Mrs. Marshall Field, and the widow of the former U.S. senator from Indiana.

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Follower of Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (Spanish, 1618-1682)
oil on canvas
26-1/2 x 20 in.
accession number
credit line
Gift of Mrs. Albert J. Beveridge
Public Domain
European Painting and Sculpture Before 1800
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Transferred to Christie's New York
Sold on 2/9/2009 in the Interiors sale (Lot 42)