Park in Paris

Auguste Herbin (French, 1882-1960)

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• Many modernist painters experimented with Neo-Impressionism early in their careers. This landscape reflects Herbin’s attraction to the vibrant colors and broken brushwork typical of the last years of the Neo-Impressionist era.

• The composition, with its broad horizontal plane divided by straight tree trunks, suggests the geometric purity of Herbin’s later Cubist-inspired work. Within this network of shapes and strokes, he inserted the familiar Parisian scene of a woman tending a baby in a carriage.

• By 1940 Herbin was painting fully abstract canvases with a "language" of shapes and colors that corresponded to the letters of the alphabet and musical notes.

(Hammer Galleries, New York, New York), by 1966; acquired by W. J. Holliday, Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1966; bequeathed to the Indianapolis Museum of Art in 1979. (79.252).

Object Information

Auguste Herbin (French, 1882-1960)
creation date
oil on canvas
12-13/16 x 16 in.
19-1/2 x 22-1/2 in. (framed)
accession number
credit line
The Holliday Collection
© Auguste Herbin/Artists Rights Society (ARS)
European Painting and Sculpture 1800-1945

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