Julianne Swartz (American, 1967-)

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Swartz has created a delicate net of wires and speakers that alternately rise and fall, resembling the swells of a landscape. The speakers suspended from the wires emit whispering voices, differing in intensity throughout the room and creating what Swartz describes as “a landscape of gentle sound.” The soundtrack is composed of the voices of 37 people Swartz invited to think of someone for whom they feel tenderness and to recite what they would whisper in his or her ear. The murmuring mass of voices is largely indiscernible; however, in certain moments private intimacies can be distinguished, such as the words “I love you.”

This installation has been adapted from Swartz’s 2008 commission in the IMA’s Efroymson Family Entrance Pavilion.

Artist, Julianne Swartz, Kingston, New York; commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art in 2008.

Object Information

Julianne Swartz (American, 1967-)
creation date
14 and 18 gauge colored electrical wire, speakers, and sound
240 x 692 x 347 in. (installed)
accession number
credit line
Martha Delzell Memorial Fund
© Julianne Swartz
Contemporary Art

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