Portrait of a Doctor

Ludger Tom Ring the Younger (German, 1522-1584)

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The leather-bound books, some labeled with names of physicians like Hippocrates and Galen, as well as the skull and the fur-lined scholar’s cloak led previous owners to conclude that the figure depicted here was a doctor.

Comparison with another portrait has led to the recent recognition of the doctor as the Nuremberg city physician Volcher Coiter, and anatomist and specialist on bones. The delicate treatment of the hair and beautifully executed folds, however, exhibit a painterly preciousness regardless of identification.

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Object Information

Ludger Tom Ring the Younger (German, 1522-1584)
creation date
about 1572
oil on panel
16-3/8 x 11-3/8 in.
accession number
credit line
Gift of Mrs. Booth Tarkington
Public Domain
European Painting and Sculpture Before 1800

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