quilt (Sawtooth Diamond in Square)
quilt (Sawtooth Diamond in Square)
quilt (Sawtooth Diamond in Square)
quilt (Sawtooth Diamond in Square)
quilt (Sawtooth Diamond in Square)
quilt (Sawtooth Diamond in Square)

quilt (Sawtooth Diamond in Square)


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The first Amish immigrants from Germany and Switzerland settles in Lancaster County in eastern Pennsylvania at the beginning of the eighteenth century. Simplicity characterized their lives, and their religious beliefs prohibited them from possessing worldly and decorative items.

Although quilts were made for utilitarian purposes, they provided Amish women with an artistic outlet that allowed their creativity to flourish. One of the oldest and most common designs in Amish quilts of Pennsylvania is a large-scale diamond enclosed by a square. The diamond, and old German motif and often a symbol of Christ, represents order, discipline and fundamental values honored by the Amish.

Since the use of printed fabrics was prohibited in Amish culture, solid color fabrics in saturated hues were often used. The quilting is executed in a variety of feather patterns. A feathered Wreath is depicted in the center of the diamond and also the outer border of the quilt. The inner border id quilted in the Rope pattern. Bold and simple designs combined with dramatic colors and excellent workmanship are characteristic of Amish quilts.

Amish People, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. (Alexander Suggs Gallery, Clayton, Missouri); purchased by the Indianapolis Museum of Art in 1974.

Object Information

Amish people
creation date
about 1910
cotton, pieced and quilted
76-1/2 x 75-3/4 in.
other title
Diamond in Square
accession number
credit line
Robert G. Wolcott Fund
Public Domain
Textile and Fashion Arts

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