Untitled (Mylar)

Tara Donovan (American, 1969-)

Currently on View in W404
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Untitled (Mylar) is a large, multipart abstract sculpture that appears to mimic the organic form of a meteor, molecule, or planetary constellation. Donovan developed the sculpture using her signature accumulative process found in many of her drawings and sculptures. For this work, multiple studio assistants rolled flat circles of Mylar into three-dimensional cones and then combined them into variously sized spheres that they clustered together. Like many of Donovan’s works, this sculpture transforms a common industrially produced material—Mylar—into a surprising form that evokes forms and materials found in nature.

Commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Object Information

Tara Donovan (American, 1969-)
creation date
Mylar, hot glue
H: 13 ft.
accession number
credit line
Commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Frank Curtis Springer & Irving Moxley Springer Purchase Fund, Anonymous IV Art Fund, Deaccessioned Contemporary Art Fund
© Tara Donovan, Courtesy The Pace Gallery
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