woman's semi-formal domestic overcoat

Qing dynasty

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In early 1900, it became fashionable for young brides to wear pastel shades on their wedding day, instead of the customary red-color garments.

A narrower silhouette for jackets and the sleeves became fashionable, and front closures replaced right-side closure of the earlier period.

Two pairs of phoenixes, representing the union of male and female, are featured prominently on the upper front of the jacket. A variety of paired fowl are embroidered throughout the jacket and skirt. Mandarin ducks, which were thought to mate for life, symbolize devotion to married life and marital happiness.

purhcased in China; Mary Fulton Missionary Society, Tabernacle Presbyterian Church; given to the Indianapolis Museum of Art (1917).

Object Information

Qing dynasty
creation date
early 1900s
silk, embroidered with silk and metallic threads
L: 34.25 in. | sleeves L: 70 in
accession number
credit line
Gift of Mary Fulton Missionary Society, Tabernacle Presbyterian Church
Public Domain
Textile and Fashion Arts

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