man's three piece suit

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This three-piece man’s suit is exquisitely embroidered in highly stylized floral motifs. The delicate arrangements of flowers include lavender, rosemary, dianthus blooms and arum leaves.

Unlike women’s styles, men’s clothing has not changed drastically over the past several centuries. By the early 1700s men’s suits consisted of three pieces: coat, waistcoat, and breeches. By the 1770s, the front panels of the coats were cut back and pleats fell to the rear, forcing the bulk to move to the back. Breeches were also redesigned to include a flap over the front opening. White stockings and a lace cravat would have completed the outfit.

Kay Robertson (Loewi-Robertson), Los Angeles; purchased by Indianapolis Museum of Art (Martha Delzell Memorial Fund), December 1976.

Object Information

creation date
about 1775
L: 25 in. (pants) L: 23 in. (vest)
accession number
credit line
Martha Delzell Memorial Fund
Public Domain
Textile and Fashion Arts

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