Scene of the Roman Campagna

Jan Both (Dutch, 1615-1652)

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Jan Both traveled to Italy in the mid-1630s and remained there until 1641. In spite of its Italian subject, this painting, like the vast majority of Both's known works, was painted after he returned to Holland. The majestic trees, delicately twisted and dramatically backlit, are characteristic of his mature style. The overall golden tonality of this painting is likewise typical of his work and may derive from the pastoral landscapes of Claude Lorrain, whom Jan Both could have known in Rome.

Charles O’ Neil, London, England. {1} Sale at (Edward Foster, London) in 1833; {2} Joseph Neeld [died 1856], Grittleton House, Wiltshire, England; by inheritance to his descendant, Lionel William Neeld [1885-1956], formerly Inigo-Jones, Grittleton House, Wiltshire;{3} Sale at (Christie’s, London) in 1945. {4} (F. Kleinberger & Co., New York, New York); {5} purchased by the John Herron Art Institute, Indianapolis, Indiana, now the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields, in 1955.

{1} As given in the 1945 Christie’s auction catalogue, see below. Many items in the collection of Charles O’Neil were auctioned at Edward Foster and Son, London, in the period 1833 to 1840.
{2} A 1913 copy of an 1851 inventory of the Joseph Neeld collection, at the Getty Research Institute, lists this painting (page 15 of the section devoted to “Dutch, Flemish & French Paintings”) and notes that it was purchased “at the Sale of the Pictures of Charles O’Neil Esq. at Foster’s Rooms.”
{3} He gave up Inigo-Jones and assumed the surname Neeld when he inherited the estates of Sir Audley Dallas Neeld in 1942. See “Mr. L.W. Neeld (obituary),” (London) Times, 5 October 1956.
{4} Christie’s, London, Catalogue of Important Pictures by Old Masters, being a further portion of the famous collection at Grittleton House, near Chippenham, Wilts, the Property of L.W. Neeld, Esq., 13 July 1945, lot 51. This auction catalogue also mentions that the Jan Both painting is mentioned in Gustav Waagen’s Treasures of Art in Great Britain, 1954, vol. II, p. 248. Waagen personally visited the Neeld collection at Grittleton House, which was a point of pride for L.W. Neeld. (The date of the Christie’s auction is erroneously cited as 13 July 1954 in Dwight Miller’s A Catalogue of European Paintings: Indianapolis Museum of Art, 1970, p. 90.)
{5} See IMA Temporary Receipt No. 6244.

Object Information

Jan Both (Dutch, 1615-1652)
creation date
oil on canvas
27-1/8 x 35-5/8 in.
33-1/2 x 39-5/8 in. (framed)
accession number
credit line
James E. Roberts Fund
Public Domain
European Painting and Sculpture Before 1800

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