The Parasol
The Parasol

The Parasol

Mortimer L. Menpes (English, born Australian, 1855-1938)

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  • The Parasol’s sharply tilted ground plane, broad brushstrokes, and sophisticated color scheme derive from Japanese aesthetics and the teachings of the American painter J.A.M. Whistler, with whom Menpes studied in London. 
  • Menpes designed this gold fluted frame to complement the small panel. Like Whistler, he conceived of the frame and painting as a unified whole.
  • The artist spent nine months in Japan, immersed in the life and culture of the country. When Menpes returned in 1888 he exhibited over 100 works, including this scene of a kimono-clad woman, at a London gallery.

(The Fine Art Society, Ltd., London) by 1968;{1} Mrs. Robert Frank, London; {2} (The Fine Art Society Ltd., London) by 1972; {3}acquired by the Indianapolis Museum of Art in 1972 (72.121.2)

{1} See the catalogue The Early Years of the New English Art Club: Paintings, Water-colors, drawings, 26 February - 29 March 1968, cat. no. 67, in which "all the exhibits are for sale."
{2} See the catalogue published jointly by Wildenstein and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, From Realism to Symbolism: Whistler and His World, 1971, cat. no. 100 (ill.)
{3} See the catalogue The Aesthetic Movement and the Cult of Japan, 3-27 October 1972, cat. no. 31.

Object Information

Mortimer L. Menpes (English, born Australian, 1855-1938)
creation date
oil on panel
5-1/2 x 3-3/4 in. (panel)
17 x 10-1/2 in. (framed)
mark descriptions
signed L.L.: Mortimer Menpes
accession number
credit line
James E. Roberts Fund
Public Domain
European Painting and Sculpture 1800-1945

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