Installation No. 4 (Towers)

Jan Tichy (Czech, 1974-)

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Jan Tichy creates room-sized installations comprised of paper or porcelain sculptures and looping video. The artist uses architectural elements—such as domes, gridlines, and latticework—or the forms of specific buildings as points of departure for his small-scale sculptures. The pristine white sculptures appear simultaneously fragile and foreboding, as the unfamiliar landscapes are brightly lit by projectors or television screens or cloaked in darkness.

For Installation No. 4 (Towers), the artist created two paper sculptures reminiscent of water towers. A projector illuminates the sculptures with a diagonal sliver of light that expands to form a rectangle on the gallery floor. A dark circle appears in the middle of the projection, which slowly engulfs the rectangle and returns the room to darkness.

(Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago, Illinois); purchased by the Indianapolis Museum of Art in 2010.

Object Information

Jan Tichy (Czech, 1974-)
creation date
digital video projection, paper scultpures
39 x 102 x 78-3/4 in. (installed)
accession number
credit line
Henry F. and Katherine DeBoest Memorial Fund
© Jan Tichy
Contemporary Art

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