Madame de Châtillon

Corneille de Lyon (Netherlandish, 1500-1575)

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Possibly Lord Boston, Hedsor, Buckinghamshire, England. {1} (David M. Koetser, New York and London); (Ivan Podgoursky [1901-1962], New York).{2} Mary Charlotte Hunter[1881-1971], near Reading, by 1949.{3} (John H. Folman, Bronxville, NY);{3} sold to George Henry Alexander Clowes [1877-1958] in 1957;{4} Clowes Fund Collection, Indianapolis, since 1958; on long-term loan to the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Courtesy of the Clowes Fund, since 1971 (C10050); given to the Indianapolis Museum of Art in 2014.

{1} This information is recorded in the catalogue raisonné portion of Anne Dubois de Groër, Corneille de La Haye dit Corneille de Lyon, Paris, 1996, no. 135 (ill.) and in a number of earlier IMA publications; however it may be in error. Although Lord Boston [1860-1941] did own a female portrait by Corneille de Lyon, sold at Christie’s, London, Catalogue of Pictures by Old Masters, the Property of the Right Hon. The Late Lord Boston, formerly at Hedsor, Bucks ., 6 March 1942, lot no. 57, based on the auction catalogue description it is not this painting, but refers to de Groër, no. 142 (ill.).
{2} A letter from Koetser to IMA, dated 15 June 1959, indicates that he sold the painting to Podgoursky; see Clowes Archive (C10026). Koetser also recalls that he purchased the painting in London, but cannot remember the collection he obtained it from. For information on Podgoursky, see his obituary in the New York Times, 23 April 1962.
{3} See Christie’s, London, Catalogue of Old Pictures the property of Miss Mary Charlotte Hunter of Beech Hill House, near Reading , 29 April 1949, lot. no. 25.
{4} See Bill of Sale, dated 25 September 1957, in IMA Clowes Archive.

Object Information

Corneille de Lyon (Netherlandish, 1500-1575)
creation date
oil on wood
7 x 5-1/2 in. (panel)
approximately 13 x 6-1/2 x 2 in. (framed)
accession number
credit line
The Clowes Collection
Public Domain
European Painting and Sculpture Before 1800

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