From #258 Drawing (Tracings from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the L.A. River)

Ingrid Calame (American, 1965-)

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Rich, glossy layers of sprayed and splattered paint blend together, overlapping with vibrant intensity. Reminiscent of spray-painted graffiti found on urban streets and buildings, these colorful marks combine to create a visually complex and arresting composition.

To create this work, Ingrid Calame visited the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 2006, where she made tracings of skid marks, tire tracks, and other such marks left by racing cars. By layering these dynamic forms in high-keyed colors on an aluminum ground, and employing the same oil-based enamel paint used on cars at the Speedway, Calame arrived at an abstract equivalent of the speed and excitement for which the Indy 500 is famed.

(James Cohan Gallery, New York, New York); IMA.

Object Information

Ingrid Calame (American, 1965-)
creation date
enamel paint on aluminum
71 x 119 x 1-1/8 in.
accession number
credit line
Carmen & Mark Holeman Contemporary Fund
© Ingrid Calame
Contemporary Art

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